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How To Tell The Best Quality Pasta From The Rest

Pasta is a common staple in many countries, and it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. There’s no doubting that pasta is a flexible and enjoyable dish, whether you choose spaghetti, penne, linguine, or fusilli. Not every pasta, however, is made equal. The quality of pasta can make or break a dish, therefore knowing how to discern the best quality pasta is essential. We’ll go over the essential components that contribute to high-quality pasta in this blog.

1. Colour

A high-quality pasta should be uniform in colour throughout. If the pasta appears drab or irregular in colour, it could be because it was made with low-quality components or was not thoroughly dried.

2. Texture

Pasta texture varies based on form and size, but it should be firm and slightly chewy in general. If the pasta is overcooked or created with low-quality ingredients, it is too soft. If it’s too hard, it may not have been cooked long enough or it may be old.

3. Edges

The rough edges of high-quality pasta help the sauce cling to it. Smooth pasta indicates that it was created with inferior components and will not hold the sauce as effectively.

4. Taste

Ultimately, the best way to tell the quality of pasta is to taste it. Good quality pasta should have a nutty flavour and a firm texture that holds up well when cooked. The pasta should not be gummy or mushy, and it should not have a strong flavour of its own. Instead, it should complement the flavours of the sauce and other ingredients in the dish.

We hope the above information helps you to better understand what to look for in excellent quality pasta. We are pleased to say that all of the pasta we supply ticks all of the above boxes and from us, you can be sure of only getting the very best.

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