Select from the widest range of fresh pasta, made by artisan chefs, utilizing only the finest ingredients.

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Check out the exclusive ranges we offer, you will be amazed at the culinary creations that we have created.

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Why not have prime quality pasta distributed straight to your door? We offer distribution to a wide range of locations throughout the UK.

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Delicious, healthy, contemporary

Finest Ingredients

Pasta made from the best Italian durum wheat semolina

Carefully Chosen

Prime quality raw ingridients

Delicous Looking Dishes

Looks as good as it tastes

Menu Popping

Various formats, colors and flavours available to vary your menus

No wastage

Quick and easy to prepare from frozen

High margin

Check out what profit you'll make with our profit calculator

Low Portion Cost

Our pasta is incredibly tasty and you don't need to overpower the sauce

Delivery Service

Fast Checkout, easy delivery

Healthy Life With Fresh Products

Enjoy our fresh pasta. Hand made by artisan chefs, utilising only the finest ingredients to bring quality to your plate. Seasoned to perfection to bring you true Italian cuisine.

Look no further, explore our selection of fresh healthy products which range from Artisan Ravioli to Handmade Culurgiones…